• Ms. Coffey

"Thoughts Alight" by Kawtar Elmrabti

*Thank you to the author for a copy in exchange for a review.* I don't read much poetry, so I don't know how to review this from a critical standpoint. Until I get more experience reviewing poetry as a genre, I am going to talk about my experiences while reading it instead of looking at the book from a critical angle. One of the first things I noticed was the use of natural elements in each poem. I thought that made the poems more relateable. I was able to get a clear picture in my head as I was reading. In the first section, I quickly noted that each poem was very long. There was no issue with the length, but I found myself losing track of the rhyme scheme. That would lead me sometimes to get confused. At some points, I also found myself losing interest because sometimes the poems were repetitive and used some of the same descriptive situations. There was nothing structurally wrong with the sentences, but I quickly noted that the word or phrase was used before. That definitely impacted my reading experience. The next few sections of poetry were my favorite. I found these sections calming and provided me with a lot of positivity, even during these difficult times. There were a few hiccups with confusion and repetitive language, but overall this is a great collection of poems. 4 stars

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