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"The Unworthy Blood Knight" by Negus Lamont

*Thank you to the author for a copy in exchange for a review.*


Vampires are back! I haven’t read a vampire book in a long time, but this one pulled me right back in. This one followed most of the standard vampire rules of drinking blood, feeding with humans, and the constant battle with the corrupt church. Even though the themes are the same, the story feels original. The only problem that I had with the world-building was using magic as a scapegoat. I have always had a problem with world-building plot hold that uses “magic” to solve them. One thing that made it stand out is the war, betrayal, loss, death, and determination that the main character, Zurie, experiences. I enjoyed following her along as she slowly made sense of her ever-changing world. At times I disagreed with her decisions, but the constant 1st person glimpse into her thoughts allowed me to justify her actions. Overall, I never had an issue with the writing, and the story is organized. But, when I first started reading, I immediately noticed the rapid change in the first and third person. The switching was so quick; it began to annoy me. As I progressed through the book, it felt like I was reading a comic book. Once I had that mindset in place, I was able to read much faster. My favorite part was the beginning with Oakes as he showed Zurie a glimpse into the world of the Blood Knights. Overall, I really enjoyed this high fantasy vampire story. If you are looking for a dark, GoT style fantasy novel, this one is for you. 4.5 stars +1 Plot +.5 wold-building +1 Organization +1 Writing style +1 Characters About the book:

"The Unworthy Blood Knight is a thrilling fantasy tale filled with death, treachery, magic, and mayhem.

In a world where vampires are nothing more than the scum beneath the bottom of a cleric’s boot, Zurie’s only wish is to become a blood knight.

For as long as Zurie could remember, she has been a failure. But when Zurie fails to warn her den of vampires about an incoming threat, she loses the only group that would accept her.

Living at the bottom of the barrel as a toxin wielding vampire, she can only trust herself. With the vicious blood knights at her back and the unwavering clerics at her front, she must find her place or perish as many have before her." (Goodreads)

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