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"The Flower Girl" by Karen Cogan

This is the most fast-paced 450-page book I've ever read. So much happened on every page, but there wasn't a lot of character development. As the detectives get closer to solving the mystery, I felt like no one progressed or learned anything.

The writing is quick, vivid, and flows nicely. I could picture everything clearly and I was never confused.

I was also a little uncomfortable with the ending. Without any spoilers, I thought it was a cop-out.

I'd recommend this to any mystery lover!

Thank you to the author for a copy in exchange for a review.

About the book:

"The "flower girl" was labeled a slow student in high school. Though she can only handle simple tasks, Camilla is happy with her job in a garden store. Her boss is kind and Camilla loves flowers. When Camilla discovers men's bodies buried in a back plot, she is puzzled. She doesn't tell her boss, Mrs. Martin, because she doesn't want to upset her.

Though Camilla lives alone in the family home, her two cousins often drop by to visit. They are furious when they find out that a customer made fun of Camilla and that Mrs. Martin's husband tried to seduce her. When each man becomes a murder victim, Camilla is suspected in the crimes. However, there is no evidence to connect her to either of them.

When other murders follow, the young detective assigned to the cases is suspicious of Camilla until she gets to know her better and realizes someone more clever is behind the slayings. As the crimes escalate, Marie and her team strive to find clues that lead to the killer. When they do, the identity is a surprise to everyone in the investigation."

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