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"The Bromance Book Club" by Lyssa Kay Adams

5 out of 5 stars

Published by Berkley on Nov. 5th, 2019

352 pages

Genre: Romance

Format: physical book

Finished in 2 days

Read in 5 sittings

Sat on my TBR for 2 weeks

Lyssa Kay Adams read her first romance novel in eighth grade, and one day she published her own. She published her first book in 2015 Seventh Inning Heat, followed by the RITA-nominated novella, Wild in Rio. Today, she writes full time cuddled up with her dog, Domino. 


"You guys read romance novels?"
"We call them manuals." 
― Lyssa Kay Adams, The Bromance Book Club

The Bromance Book Club follows Gavin Scott as he tries to salvage his marriage by reading romance novels. 

I thought the plot of this book was extremely clever. The story moved quickly, but didn't skimp out on detail. My only trouble with the plot was the very end. I felt like the book could have ended 20 pages earlier, and I would have been fully satisfied.

Lyssa Kay Adam's writing is absolutely hilarious. I have never laughed so much while reading a book!

The plot was perfectly organized, and I love how it followed a similar organization style of a mass-market paperback romance novel. 

The characters were loveable and charismatic too. There was not one character that I disliked in this novel. The dynamic between the two main characters and their baseball friends was my particular favorite. 

The symbolism and parallels between the romance novels and Gavin's life are perfect. Adam's does a great job of emphasizing the main point without repeating herself. 

My favorite part was all of the book club boys. I thought their interactions were perfect. I couldn't stop laughing (especially in the art supplies store). 

My least favorite part was the ending becuase the pacing of the last 25 pages left out of place. 

After a customer recommended the book to me, I took her advice and The Bromance Book Club 5 out of 5 stars. The story was witty, hilarious, fast-paced, and full of lovable characters. 

If you enjoy funny books, romance novels, or want to stretch out of your comfort zone, this is the perfect book for you. I don't read romance, but this was an ideal book for me.  

For more information about the author's books, visit her website at http://www.lyssakayadams.com/books

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