• Ms. Coffey

"Stray Our Pieces" by Jason Graff

Going into this book, I was apprehensive because it's not something that I usually read. And I was right. This book was not for me for a couple of reasons. I couldn't get into the plot. I thought this was going to be a book about a mother defending her son after he gets revenge on the neighborhood bully. And I kept waiting and waiting for that to happen, and it didn't come until it was too late. I also found there to be too much fluff in the writing. I found myself spending too much time asking myself, "why does this matter in the story?" Overall, the voice and style were straightforward, but the organization seemed all over the place. It was hard to relate to the main characters. Gloria was also tough to root for as I couldn't relate to her in any way. One thing that was very strong about the book was the world-building. We got a very clear glimpse into Gloria's world and what she thinks about it. Overall, this one was not for me due to the slower plot, disorganization, and unrelatable characters. I can see other people liking this one that likes slower realistic fiction novels and long character development. +.5 Plot +.5 Writing Style +0 Organization +1 World-building +.5 Characters

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