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"One Night" Dan Daniel Odia

Trigger warning: 

sexual assault 

My heart absolutely broke for the main character, Kimia, as she endures the trauma of her sexual assault and the events that take place after that one night. I also felt emotionally attached to her mother, Sara, as well. The duel perspective gives insight into how both mother and daughter cope with their new lives. 

The writing is also poetic and engaging. I couldn't stop reading, even at 1 in the morning. I felt a compelling need to find out what happens next. 

One Night is a fast-paced and engaging debut novel. I recommend this book to anyone. 

Thank you to the author for sending me a copy in exchange for a review. 

About the book:

"A spellbinding, emotional and powerful tale of a dream deferred, sexual assault, murder, and powerful love.

Kimia, a young girl whose only dream is to become a pharmacist, is invited to a party by her best friend.

While everybody seems to be having a good time at the party, Kimia meets the man of her life who changes her whole life trajectory. The next thing she knows's her life will never be the same, not after Bill breaks into it. And as things go from bad to worse, Kimia is compelled to "live her hell with her eyes wide open".

Will Kimia ever be free from Bill or her nightmares will last forever?"

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