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Maya's Journey: Eudaimonia by Cedric Aubert

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Maya's Journey offers a quick fantasy adventure story. The story starts off with the classic -- faint/hit your head and thrown into another world trope-- it may be overdone, but it is one of my personal favorites. 

Since Maya's Journey is so short, the story is incredibly fast-paced. One event quickly transitioned to the next, but still offers time to process what just happened. During these transitions, I learned more about the world, as well. Of course, I would always like to dive deeper into a world, but I felt satisfied with the information I got in such a short time. 

I also enjoyed the rotating cast of characters. From one adventure to the next, the reader gets to meet new characters depending on the situation. My favorite two are Maya and North, and I thoroughly enjoyed their dynamic. 

I must say, part of me cringed at reading the word "TikTok" in a fantasy novel. That definitely threw me out of my reading experience for a second. Because of this, I highly recommend this to middle and high school readers, but anyone can enjoy it. If you are looking for a new quick fantasy adventure, check out Maya's Journey

4 stars

+.5 Plot

+1 Characters

+.5 World-building

+1 Organization

+1 Writing

About the book:

"Eudaimonia is very different from Maya's familiar London. Here, knights and samurais have coexisted in peace for millennia. Now the stubborn fifteen year old has to put her fate in the hands of North, a skilled hunter. As they travel the land of Altador Maya develops peculiar powers and a strange connection to the world. On the journey they face the Anthrolites, defy a powerful sorcerer, unearth the Erudit, save an Empress from certain death and uncover Eudaimonia's forgotten legends which may hold the key to their future" -- Goodreads

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