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"Entropy" by Lupe Cordoba

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

When I first took a look at Entropy, I immediately noticed the cover. It is vibrant and colorful, with a black void in the middle for the title. At first, I thought this was just an aesthetic element, but after finishing the poems, it made sense. Entropy means a lack of order or predictability, and I think the cover did a great job of representing peace and chaos. From the beginning, I loved the author's sense of honestly. Cordoba is not shy about calling out society on its BS. She addresses themes of hate, insensitivity, and ignorance. But the book doesn't just address society. It talks about different types of relationships as well. Cordoba vividly shows the bright and dark side of romantic relationship while also discussing the importance of self-love. I also loved the illustrations that go with most of the poems. The picture and word combination establishes a great visual balance that also ties into the overall theme of order and chaos. Overall, this book is a relatable and complex collection of poems that challenge the reader to look at their lives a little differently. Instagram: Author: @lupecordoba_ Illustrator: @stellaisanidiot

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