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"Dancing at the Pity Party" by Tyler Feder

5 out of 5 stars

Published by Penguin Teen on April 14th, 2020

208 pages

Genre: YA Autobiography Graphic Novel

Format: ARC from Pengiun Teen

Read in 1 day

Read in 2 sittings

Sat on my TBR for 1 day

"Part poignant cancer memoir and part humorous reflection on a motherless life, this debut graphic novel is extraordinarily comforting and engaging.

From before her mother's first oncology appointment through the stages of her cancer to the funeral, sitting shiva, and afterward, when she must try to make sense of her life as a motherless daughter, Tyler Feder tells her story in this graphic novel that is full of piercing--but also often funny--details. She shares the important post-death firsts, such as celebrating holidays without her mom, the utter despair of cleaning out her mom's closet, ending old traditions and starting new ones, and the sting of having the "I've got to tell Mom about this" instinct and not being able to act on it. This memoir, bracingly candid and sweetly humorous, is for anyone struggling with loss who just wants someone to get it." (Goodreads)


*Thank you to Pengin Teen for a free ARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Everyone should read this book. Tyler's story is full of family, friendship, human connection, loss, happiness, growth, and so much more. I laughed and cried throughout the whole book. (+1)

The artwork and colors are absolutely stunning. The color palette and composition of each panel is beautiful. (+1)

The story is clear and organized and I was never confused. (+1)

The concepts and messages throught the book give raw insight into the mind and heart of someone going through loss. (+1)

Tyler, thank you for sharing your mother with us. I felt her on every page. (+1)

The easiest 5 stars I've ever given. I knew it was 5 stars before I even finished it. I recommend this book to everyone, young or old. If you have gone through loss, or if you haven't, you will feel a connection to Tyler and her family no matter what.

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