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"City of Sound and Light" by Dave Walker

Updated: May 29, 2020

Thank you to the author for a copy in exchange for a review!

City of Sound and Light is a new YA fantasy series that offers a unique perspective of how a city politically turns into turmoil. Usually, the reader is following the action-packed hero as the fight to get to the capital to defeat the evil leader, but this time the reader is following the politician's apprentice.

This was so well done that I forgot about my burning hatred of politics in books. Since when did I suddenly become interested in how politicians run and control a city?? Usually, I skim past those parts in most fantasy series, but not in this one. 

City of Sound and Light also features fantastic world-building. The names of each character involve two parts; their name and the name of their spark. For example, our main character is Tera-Rhyna. Her real name is Tera, but her spark is Rhyna (who is so sassy and she reminds me of Lelabah from House of Earth & Blood) Sparks, look like little fairies, but almost act like floating and organic smartphones. I have never seen a concept like that and thought it was entirely original. 

I also loved almost all the characters. I loved following along to Tera and Rhyna as they try and navigate their everchanging world. I agreed with all of her decision and couldn't help rooting for her the entire time. 

The writing style is vivid and descriptive. I got a beautiful picture of the city in my head. The story is organized, and I was never confused. 

Overall, If you enjoyed the His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman, then you will thoroughly enjoy City of Sound and Light. This is a new YA series that needs more attention. I highly recommend this one to any fantasy or YA lover.

5 stars

+1 Characters

+1 World-building

+1 Writing

+1 Organization

+1 Plot

About the book:

"Someone is going to die on election day. But that's not what worries her.

She learned it from a dying spark, one of the fairy-like companions people in her world use to communicate, and she found the spark in her father's office.

A radical leader is on the rise, and the old factions are determined to stop him at any cost. If anyone finds out her father's involved, it might be the end of him. If anyone finds out what she knows, it might be the end of her.

The only way to keep her city, her family, and her life from ripping apart is to follow the spark deeper into this deadly game of politics that no one can know she's playing.

Her only advantage is her obscurity. She has no following. No one listens to her or even knows her name. But that's about to change." (Goodreads)

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