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"Awful Curse" by Elena Monroe

*Thank you to Give Me Books for a copy in exchange for an honest review*

I went into this one blind, and it paid off. At first, I didn't really like the direction it was going, but I was totally on board by the end. 

Right away, I felt for Arianna's character. I understood her attitude and reasoning, and I felt bad for her. Unfortunately, there were some times where her immaturity shined through, which turned me off from her character. I mostly enjoyed watcher her character develop throughout the story. I also loved learning about her new friends, Kate and Luna. The trio reminded me slightly of Feyre, Mor, and Amren from A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. 

We also had many boy main characters as well. Unfortunately, I had a love/hate relationship with Bolton. My emotions ranged from slapping him in the face to giving him a shy smile. Also, I was not too fond of his arrogance, entitlement, and attitude. I did like Nyx and Austin a lot, and I wish I got to see more from them. 

Another thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the fact that these are high schoolers. I know these things happen in high school, but I wish this book took place on a college campus instead of a prep school. For example, when you look at the cover, like, that is a MAN on the cover, not a baby high schooler. But don't get me wrong, I love the cover.

I thought the writing and organization were fine. I thought the pacing was a little slow at times, but not enough to hinder my reading experience. I loved reading about the character's backstories, and I honestly would read a separate book on that whole experience. 

Overall, If you are looking for a steaming, high school, paranormal romance, then I would definitely check this one out.

4 stars

+.5 Plot

+1 Characters

+1 Organization

+.5 Writing

+1 World-building

About the book:


We moved around a lot, too much.

The shine of my highly respected and decorated military dad’s badge wore off after I became heavy baggage.

I was the new girl thirteen times in two years and every time I had to tape up another box I grew more resentful. Forced to forget everyone I fell in love with, laughed with and bonded with.

For a certain price you could unburden yourself from your hormonal teen at Arcadia Prep too.

I’m reckless.

I’m impatient.

Purple hair, a don’t care attitude and my Doc Martins all screamed leave me alone, fending off any new relationships.

I vowed to keep my heart safe this time, locking it away right under my anger but he knew exactly where I hid the spare key – in his mysterious eyes the minute ours locked.


I was stuck – the essence of a God in some kind of limbo of high school.

I was meant for more than this.

Being king here meant nothing.

Arcadia Prep wasn’t for the weak. The expectations, the pressure, the standards, the success and privilege smug on everyone’s face wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

I thrived in chaos.

I’m fearless.

I’m ruthless.

The new girl was not my cup of tea.

She stomped her doc martins all over my tradition, rules and my reign.

We all have secrets. Mine were paper weighted down by my heavy crown.

Her violet eyes and her abrupt attitude spewed sass all over my black on black. She didn’t faze me until I realized she was after my crown…" (Goodreads)

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